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If we look at the world we see arts for sale

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Myths (to be de-mythed) on Project Management

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Project Management - Similes




Project management "methods" which come from exotic places and are propagandized as cure-alls: up to now, we have not heard of any case in which they have worked well in the Western world; those who adopted them either repented having adopted them or made extensive modifications to them (so extensive that something completely new was created in order to draw level). Nonetheless, there are "messiahs" who continue to propose them in all ways.

Why are Asian countries importing the Prince2 Project Management methodology? Prince2, sometimes called Prince 2, has been conceived and developed in Europe


It is not true that anyone can be a project manager. Project management requires a Proj. Manager, not a person to whom a project is assigned. That person is often chosen because of his/her technical skills, in the best case he/she is sent on a course; would you entrust a good developer with the marketing sector?






Operations in Ticino, Switzerland, Italy, Europe. In particolar, we bring Project Management, Prince2 and the other solutions to: Venice, Lugano, Zurich, London and the UK, France, Treviso, Vicenza, Padova, Rome, Milan, Verona and Veneto in general.



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Are all the ďseriousĒ project management methodologies equivalent? Not at all!

Some project management methodologies are simply knowledge collections: in a few words, would you be able to practically manage a project after having studied them? A simile: a graduate barely out of university; a lot of theory but no practice at all. If you donít believe this, please go to a project management conference to see how many people are trying to rediscover hot water (i.e., practical Proj. Mgmt. methodologies).


Some proj. mgmt. methodologies are so detailed and/or sectional that they are of no use outside a limited ambit. Can they be termed proj. mgmt? Can a person who isnít a technician specialized in that specific sector make use of them and take profit by them? Where is the overall outlook of the project?



Donít trust those who speak at conferences! Rather, be careful! Connections and a nice room donít necessarily make a proj. manager.

Slides full of pictures without meaning (such as photos of smiling and unknown elegant people around a table) donít make proj. mgmt: the Proj. Manager is a serious professional who works hard at his workplace. Professionalism has nothing to do with photography



Ending by advising: always ask whomever is in front of you which Project Management certification he/she holds!






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Proj. Mngt. - Similes







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