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Project Management - Tips - Strategy - History - 7

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... but since there was nothing left to accomplish in this respect,

attention became focused only on the sort of thing that caught the eye.

[Frederick the Great]



Misfits of project management

Issue nr. 7 - Late Summer Special

I radicali liberi & I docciaioli


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·      Introduction / Introduction  [italiano/English]

·      I radicali liberi  [italiano]

¨    "XXXXX” project management

¨   Project Management ed emergenze

¨   XXXXX” cosa?

¨   Radical” project management, ecc.

¨   Perché?

 ·     Le avventure di Supermanager  [italiano]

 ·     Supermanager ed i trafficanti di GanTTT  [italiano]

 ·     Tip – How do you choose between two or more projects?  [English]

·      I docciaioli  [italiano]

¨    Il miele

¨   La mazzata

¨   La melassa

¨   We will save the world, you, and the universe

¨   Il futuro è dietro la porta

·      Project Management and History (5) – Napoleon seen by de Gaulle  [English]

¨    Napoleon took genuine care of his people

¨   Napoleon was a Project Manager

¨   He was a leader - Managing qualities alone are not enough

¨   Training

¨   Tools instead of training?

 ·     News

¨   Poll / Sondaggio - Success rate of projects / Tasso di successo dei progetti

¨   Tools di Project Management




Introduzione / Introduction


Questa è una newsletter ironica – ci piace divertirci.

Per coloro che non hanno letto le issues precedenti: www.righetconsult.com/newsletter


Una newsletter molto speciale: pezzi interessantissimi – come quello sul “project manager” Napoleone, od il sondaggio sul tasso di successo dei progetti gestiti con o senza una metodologia di project management – ma anche tante risate per riprendere le attività in letizia dopo la pausa estiva :-)


E quindi, ben due pezzi ironici sui “Misfits” del project management ed una novità … Le avventure di Supermananager: chi ha avuto occasione di leggere l'anteprima si è piegato in due dalle gustose risate.

Ovviamente, anche in questo caso due puntate del supereroe del project management :-)

Speriamo che questa novità sia ben accolta ed aspettiamo la vostra opinione, in particolare i cari mici Inklet-Macchiolina e Tailchaser-Acchiappacoda :-)



This is an ironic newsletter – we like having fun.

For those of you who did not read previous issues: http://www.righetconsult.com/newsletter


A very special newsletter: very interesting pieces – such as the one on the “project manager” Napoleon, or the poll on the success rate of projects managed (or not managed) with a project management methodology – but also plenty of laughter, to merrily restart activities after the Summer pause :-)


That's why in this issue there are nothing short of two ironic pieces on the “Misfits” of project management and a novelty … The adventures of Supermanager: those who had the occasion to read a sneak preview roared with tasteful laughter.

Obviously, also in this case there are two episodes of the project management superhero :-)

We hope this novelty will meet with your approval and we wait for your opinion, in particular the dear cats Inklet and Tailchaser :-)




“Misfits of project management” is free and can be freely forwarded: some healthy fun is necessary in these modern times.

Being an ironic newsletter, it reflects only ideas. “Answers” or assertions that are not between inverted commas [‘….’] are not to be considered as “true” answers or assertions: that is only a way to express ironically what is perceived.

We make use of another set of inverted commas [“….”]: those are no quotations at all, just a literary device of ours to make concepts clearer.

Every possible reference to real persons, facts or things in ironic pieces is accidental.

If you desire to contribute with your experiences or ideas, please drop us an e-mail at central(at)righetconsult.com





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bulletIssue nr. 1: The "visible project management"
bulletIssue nr. 2: The "Toyota system" and its "worshippers"
bulletIssue nr. 3: An e-mail from X-City
bulletIssue nr. 4: Where is the beef?
bulletIssue nr. 5: I "supermercati" del project management
bulletIssue nr. 6: Tools reloaded

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