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The foreman carpenter allots his men work according to their ability

[Miyamoto Musashi]




Some of Prince2’s more interesting features are: (continued from Prince2):

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5.      Stages

One of the main means of control. At least at stage end, the Project Board meets, considers all the information, approves or not what has been done (in particular, it checks whether all the products are in the foreseen state and of the necessary quality) decides whether it is the case to proceed with the next stage or not.

The first stage of a Prince2 project is special. IP (Initiating a Project) includes improving what has been prepared during the Starting Up a project process and producing whatever is needed for the project including the complete plan of the project (in detailed form at least for the next stage). At IP’s end, the Proj. Board (PB) decides whether it is the case to proceed with the project or not.

If, during a stage, some big setback takes place, or the project is going to excel Tolerances (see bullet 6), the PB is immediately informed. The PB takes the necessary decisions on the basis of the Proj. Manager’s recommendations: new Stage Plan preparation, Scope Reduction, project disbandment, and so on



6.      Tolerances

The Project Manager takes all the decisions which do not imply modifications to Product Descriptions, but only if one does not foresee that the Proj. Board approved tolerances are going to be excelled; however, as soon as the possibility of the project excelling tolerances looms, the PB has to be immediately informed. There can be time tolerances, scope tolerances, financial tolerances, and so on



7.      Processes, Components, Techniques  

Prince2 comprises 8 processes (the already seen SU e IP, plus Planning and so on), 8 components (Business Case, Risks, Configuration Management, Organization, and so on) which are the ingredients of processes, 1 mandatory technique (Product-based Planning) and 2 advised techniques; as one can see, Prince2 leaves wide freedom on the choice of techniques



8.      Scalability

The Project Board and the Project Manager consider how formal the methodology application ought to be, how much each process and component ought to be applied, and so on. Prince2 is valid for both an international project and organizing a birthday party



9.      Responsibility

Responsibilities are discussed, accepted by all stakeholders and formalized







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Prince2 - How does it work?


Prince2 and modular SW in a demanding project - Case Study (Italian)



9.      Responsibility

Responsibilities are discussed, accepted by all stakeholders and formalized



10.        Risks and Issues  

Risks are continuously logged, considered, taken into consideration (countermeasures included), and so on. The Executive is the Risk Log “owner”, but he/she can delegate the control of specific risks.

Issues can be raised by anyone: they are considered, classified, and so on; they can become risks



11.        Third parties

Prince2 has a standardized terminology, therefore firms which adopt it work much better, the more so with other firms.

Prince2 foresees the possibility of interfacing with third parties which do not adopt Prince2: through a specific process (MP - Managing Product Delivery), the production of products which respect Product Descriptions is guaranteed



12.        Configuration Management

One of Prince2’s eight components.

Each product (in Prince2, even documentation is a product, and the manual includes Product Descriptions for all the documents) is constantly traced: it is always possible to know the updated state of products, to access (when authorized) different versions of documents, to exactly know which sub-product versions compose the specific version of the main product (e.g., different car models, and so on).

The Configuration Librarian is the Configuration Management “guardian”. In prince2, one defines roles so that it is not necessary that a person takes care solely of the Configuration Librarian role.

What has been base-lined is not to be modified without permission from the Project Board.





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