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Heed my plan,

Employ me,

And victory is surely yours

[Sun Tzu]




bulletWe help firms and people to plan their immediate and/or far future through clearly defined and tailored guidelines, some of them distilled over centuries of experience; they get an effective compass for their decisions





Forget current fads. Today's trendy solutions will soon be tomorrow's trash. In the meantime you will have lost occasions and profits



Victory belongs to the side

That scores most

In the temple calculations

Before battle

[Sun Tzu]




You surely value what has been validated by centuries of experience and success. Alexander the Great adapted his strategies to the situation and innovated; you will win over your disconcerted competitors because you will not stay glued to current pre-confectioned fads.





Project Management


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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


bulletFirm's strategy: through precisely set goals, you will know what your next moves are


bulletMarketing: let your competitors waste their resources; you will learn how cheap marketing can let you win on competition once your plans are clearly set. Bring the customer to the battlefield you have chosen


bulletSales: now you are in front of a prospect; here is your occasion to convince the prospect to sign a contract. Oh, but is that so easy? Do you have a tailored strategy? Will the customer be able to resist your innovative tactics?


bulletProduct introduction: through clever planning, you will optimize your plans. Your competitors will react; plan in advance and your competitors will be at a disadvantage, because your strategy will take them into account from the beginning


bulletCompetition management: competitors take money off your market; how will you deal with them? Is an alliance better than an aggressive campaign? Are you going to go after their customers or to defend yours? We will advise you, and your competitors will not be able to resist your innovative solutions.




Operations in Ticino, Switzerland, Italy, Europe. In particolar, we bring Strategy, Project Management, Prince2 and the other solutions to: Lugano, Milan, Rome, Zurich, London and the UK, France.










Lugano - Paradiso, Ticino, Switzerland

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