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Know the enemy,

Know yourself,

And victory

Is never in doubt,

Not in a hundred battles.

[Sun Tzu]




Through  precise observations and tailored suggestions, you get the solutions you need. You will benefit from our extensive international experience

bulletSometimes business is not satisfactory; what are the real causes? Sometimes the causes are rooted in internal flaws; this results in wrong corrective actions that could send the wrong message 


bulletAn example: sales were slumping; the cause was found in poor sales service and a program was designed to correct that. The real root cause was the wrong image message the firm was sending; the new program was flawed because it sent that same message. The firm was losing market and money; worse, it designed a program that was going to intensify that image. They would have never found the real problem and a solution



The moment in which things progress

and the moment in which they go bad

must be  noticed and understood

[Miyamoto Musashi]






Operations in Ticino, Switzerland, Italy, Europe. In particolar, we bring Consultancy, Organization, Organizational development and the other solutions to: Lugano, Milan, Rome, Zurich, London and the UK, France.




Organization: without a tailored and lean organization, nothing is going to be accomplished. We are specialized in organization redesign and restructuring


First organize the near at hand, then organize the far removed.

First organize the inner, then organize the outer.

First organize the basic, then organize the derivative.

First organize the strong, then organize the weak.

First organize the great, then organize the small.

First organize yourself, then organize others.



Organizational development: a firm that isn't growing, or is growing slowly, is fated;  a trusted advisor can see what can be changed or improved and can give you the tools you need to grow. Everything will be observed and you will get advice even in areas you hadn't taken into consideration before


Advice: through ethical external advice, you will know your business, its strong features, its flaws and so on; wrong perceptions will be rectified


Know what is outside: you will get advice on how to deal with many external factors; through it, you will flourish




Project Management


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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)












Lugano - Paradiso, Ticino, Switzerland

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